• BREVO Series Oil-free Air-compressor

    BREVO series oil-free air-compressors has the characteristics of low noise, stable performance, great reliability and durability, which enables it to operate for a long time in various complicated environments, and are also very easy to maintain.

  • FANTA Series Oil-free Air-compressor

    Providing customers with the highest quality products is the belief that Bofon has long maintained. The new FANTA series brings more than just a change in appearance, it's also equipped with better materials and components which further improves the silence and durability of air-compressors.

  • CIVIK Series Dental Suction System

    CIVIK series suction system has a suction rate greater than 300 Liters per minute, which can effectively eliminate the hazards of bacterial contamination to the human body from the source and reduce the risk of dental operation.

  • SYCLONE Series Sewage Treatment System

    Nowadays, medical and dental wastewater treatment is becoming more and more important with the emphasis on environmental protection in the medical industries. SYCLONE series sewage treatment system has reliable performance and stable quality, which can effectively treat and discharge medical and dental wastewater,  greatly solve customer's worry and make them rest assured.

  • ZEROW Series Vacuum Pumps

    ZEROW series vacuum pump has the advantages of precise design, low-noise, and strong performance. It is the core product of BOFON's independent production. The control of core technology and strict quality control make the customers use at ease.

  • U Series Compressor

    U series compressor has the advantages of precise design, low noise, and strong performance. Every model is equipped with high-quality components and materials. New BF-U500B and BF-U700B are equipped with imported high-quality materials, which make the compressor much more reliable.

  • Optional Product Accessories

    We also provide consumable accessories for customers so they can replace the old one if they need.



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